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Wine barrels at an Italian vineyard


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Authentic Italian vineyard



Escape the throngs of tourists in the Sassi di Matera by discovering the wine and food of authentic Southern Italy.

Indulge your passion for Italian food and wine in our stunning Southern Italian countryside...


Silvia, Greg, Tenuta Lagala and Agriturismo L'Assiolo invite you to discover some of the world class wines that our region has to offer along with the chance to tour an authentic, family ran olive farm.


The experience starts with a one hour scenic drive to Tenuta Lagala, a beautiful vineyard in Venosa and concludes at Agriturismo L'Assiolo, an authentic olive farm set amongst a natural oasis – just outside of Matera.  


Transportation from and to the centre of Matera is included in the experience. 


Taste the world class Aglianico del Vulture...

First up, a beautiful one hour drive from Matera to just outside Venosa, an ancient Roman town famous for once being the home of the important Roman poet, Horatio.


What this part of Basilicata is also famous for though is producing 'Aglianico del Vulture', which is considered to be among the top five red wines in the world.

After exploring the vines of this very special, award winning vineyard, you'll visit the 'cantina' and learn all about the wine making process before heading into their wine bar for a tasting session with a light aperitivo. You'll also have the opportunity to buy some wine to take home.   


Farmhouse Lunch


After enjoying the scenic ride to our beautiful olive farm, it’ll be time for an authentic farmhouse lunch made with our own organic products and a chance to try yet another wine, local to Matera.


What's more the experience will include an explanation of how we produce 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil'.


Then it will be time to take you back to Matera with some special memories of the Southern Italian countryside. 

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Vineyard & Olve Farm
Authentic Italian vineyard



Aperitivo & wine tasting
Lunch with series of local antipasti and pasta based 'primo'
Water and wine included with lunch

Beer, soft drinks, etc can be available upon request.

Transportation from and to centre of Matera included

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