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An authentic fresh pasta lesson


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Get away from the hustle and bustle of the Sassi di Matera and discover a true Italian farm.

A beautiful setting in the Italian countryside...

Silvia, Greg and Agriturismo L'Assiolo invite you to your own personal cooking class set at a beautiful local organic olive and orange farm just outside of Matera in the Italian countryside. 

If you don’t have your own transportation, Agriturismo L'Assiolo can pick you up in Matera and take the 15 minute drive to the farmhouse, which is set amongst a beautiful protected nature reserve that also includes a stunning lake. 


A real Italian family farm...

First up, a quick tour of the farm so that you can really understand where the food we use in this part of the world comes from. During this tour you’ll learn all about the incredible biodiversity we have here in Italy and we’ll introduce you to one of our key ingredients, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, explaining how we produce our KM zero, organic ‘liquid gold’. What’s more, you’ll get the chance to eat some fruit straight from a tree - just like a real Italian farmer!

Then, it’ll be straight into the kitchen where you’ll meet Silvia, the daughter of the family, who has had over 20 years of seeing her Mamma wow local and international guests with her traditional Matera, farmhouse cooking. Who knows, maybe Mamma might even pop into the kitchen now and then to see how you’re all getting on!

A true farmer’s lunch...


You’ll learn the authentic, original way to make fresh pasta, a typical pasta sauce and also two typical dishes from Matera. The family and the farm are all about authentic Southern Italian farmhouse cooking and most of the organic products you’ll use come straight from our land. From secret techniques to our philosophy of simplicity, this special experience in the countryside of Southern Italy will whisk you away to a side of Italy that is truly authentic.

After sitting down and enjoying the food you’ve made with some delicious local wine and a few extra little treats, we hope you’ll have created some wonderful memories to treasure forever.  

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Cooking Class



A fresh pasta in traditional sauce ‘Primo’
A range of traditional, local antipasti

A jug of local wine as well as both sparking and still water. Beer, soft drinks, etc can be available upon request.

If required, guests will be picked up and dropped off by a member of the team from the farmhouse. The journey is 15 minutes and will use an air conditioned, comfortable modern car.


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